Aka Teppan – Markham

I have always wanted to eat here, ever since it got that insta hype. And I’m really beyond disappointed.

Oyster mushroom salad with ponzu wasabi dressing. There was literally one oyster mushroom, sliced into quarters. And only one oyster mushroom, when the dish is called oyster mushroom salad? There was sautéed button mushrooms and store bought salad greens. And let’s talk about the salad dressing? It had no wasabi kick, more like sweet soy sauce. $7


I can’t find this item on the online menu, but this pork jowl is the most worth-eat-item on the menu. It is cooked to crispiness and the light touch of seasoned salt gives it  the right amount of flavour. $6

Aka Teppan is famous for serving food on hot sizzling plates. My mom and I shared the supreme beef ($10). It was fairly good, in terms of taste. There is a cube of garlic butter hidden in the rice under the corn. And it was the only considerable item on the menu that we would both eat.


The waiters had nothing to do and stood awkwardly beside our table as we ate. The restaurant has next to zero decor and the windows/ window panes were dirty af (excuse my language). But he just stood there looking outside (at least he couId have acted busy). I really don’t know how this restaurant managed to get 3.5 stars on Yelp. As I mentioned before, undeniably not worth the hype and effort of even trying.

Click here for Aka Teppan’s reviews on Yelp.


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