Otto’s Berlin Döner


Otto’s Berlin Döner was a random Friday night decision. After working for a month, a co worker and I decided to hit the town (it was a long weekend) and go exploring! We settled with this German hip snack place located in Kensington Market.



As you may tell, the place is quiet small, as are a lot of restaurants in the area, and thankfully it was a good day for the patio. We were in luck and there were two empty tables just calling our names.
There were many people in and out when we ordered and waited for our food. There are many people who were waiting for their go-to orders. 


There are three main types of dishes to choose from: sandwich, box or currywurst.  I settled with a small box of veal & lamb with  a side of fries. The fries and meat were both salty. I asked for garlic aioli on the side but I wish there was more flavour (or a spice) because the salt.  


My co worker, Nishit, chose a small gemuse (vegetable) box. He also had fries and the vegetables were stir fried and some were deep fried. His was more saucy (not counting the aioli). We also (each) had a fruit slushy that had (tons) of gin. I drank half my glass and was already feeling dizzy (this was the first time I had any effect from alchol besides throwing up). HAHA!



This small but cozy restaurant is surely for those who want not the ordinary burgers and fries. Be prepared to get a takeaway or wait for a table, as seats tend to be taken. Especially on good days, I could totally see this place having a long line up. And be prepared to wait, our food took about 10-15 minutes.

Click here for Otto’s website.


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