Genji Sushi

I’ve been traveling the same route to and from York University for three years, Ever since, I’ve been looking at the same stores and factories from the same seat on the bus. One restaurant, in particular, caught my attention. I never Googled the name, not until a month of two ago.

We had the perfect opportunity  to try Genji Sushi after my graduation. Unfortunately, we ate too much at the convocation’s reception, prior to dinner. I blame the university for making the ceremony three hours long and giving us no water or at the ceremony’s duration. So we not hungry but I still wanted to go.

This probably was my favourite item that we ordered. Eel on a bed of rice; the fish was pretty fatty but really tasty!


Japchae was the most random thing on the menu. It was good but there wasn’t anything special about it.


I don’t think I ever had a whole deep fried soft shell crab. It was fried in a tempera like batter and was really crispy. I would 100% recommend ordering it. It’s definitely worth a try!

The sashimi was fresh! I’ve been to restaurants that serve half frozen fish. It was properly prepared and everything we ordered was neatly presented.


Overall, the food was average. I ate there several weeks ago and I don’t remember anything special. The food was a bit over average price, but I’m guessing that there aren’t any sushi restaurants nearby.

Click here to visit Genji Sushi’s website.


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