Big Beef Bowl

Writing about this makes me really want their noodles! We had to try this after coming across Big Beef Bowl on Instagram. Has this noodle shop exploded yet or is it not the next big thing?

Enough with the questions, as I want to dive right in with the deets! This small noodle restaurant is know for it’s different variety of noodle sizes and thicknesses. Click here for a visual explanation.

I opted for the small round noodle size. And it was like eating angel hair pasta.


My brother went all out and ordered the flat large noodles. As you can see, the noodle is quite wide.


The menu is pretty simple. There are seven sizes of noodles to choose from and some side dishes.


The restaurant is really small. You can see (from the pano below) that seating is limited. I would say the restaurant fits about 14 customers. There is a washroom at the back and there restaurant puts a table (seats four) outside for people to enjoy their bowl of noodles (if weather permits).


Visit Big Beef Bowl’s Facebook page here.
Photos via iPhone 6.


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