Nanashake – Vegan Frozen Dessert

If you’re in a city like Toronto, are there too, many vegan restaurants, cafes and dessert locations suddenly popping up? Nanashake is the newest I’ve read from BlogTO. The small shop offers many flavours of frozen yogurt like desserts and dessert bars (popsicles).  O and I are always looking for new eats and we both were interested in tasting what Nanashake had to offer.

Not familiar with the Yonge-Sheppard area? Neither were we! We got lost, so have a map or Nanashake’s number in case of anything.


I love the outside design. I think the building that the shop is located in, is quite new, so it wasn’t busy when we went (also we arrived shortly after opening for the day). Speaking to the cashier, the shop opened earlier this year, in March.




We got to sample as many flavours as we liked.


O ordered a small original and I had mint chocolate. The original had a strong banana flavour, that’s the base ingredient of the dessert. I think I picked the wrong flavour cause having a small cup of mint felt like I was constantly eating mint (my mouth felt spicy). You can add toppings to your dessert for an extra 50 cents. I believe we picked a biscotti-like crumble, as our topping, and it was on point! We also received a stamp card, to collect stamps for every dessert purchased. Collect enough to redeem a free treat!


The other entrance/ exit leads to a food court/ open space. There are plenty of tables and chairs to enjoy your treat.

Click here to visit Nanashake’s website.
Photos via iPhone 6.


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