Coaster’s Seafood Grill – Ottawa

Does anyone else love the feeling of going to a new restaurant and being super excited about it cause you’ve been waiting days, months to eat there? That was me since planning  this weekend Ottawa trip.

It was a really hard decision to choose a place that we would all be satisfied with. The plan was originally to eat at The Fish Market, but we were told that the wait would be long. Weirdly and luckily, there is a restaurant on the second floor that has the exact same menu as The Fish Market.  I think I understand why there was a wait at The Fish Market… Coaster’s Seafood Grill  was much smaller in size.


Nevertheless, we made our way upstairs and still had a nice seafood meal (something we don’t have often at home). Firstly, the bread was incredible! It was steaming hot when opened and mom was obsessed about the dipping oil.


Mom and I ordered house wine, red for her and white for me. I really liked the white wine, sweet and light. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find the same at my local LCBO.


When I go out with my family, we always share everything.  We had  a calm chowder, steamed mussels, arctic char filet and a maritime platter.



I loved the fish and especially the mango and mint salsa.


The maritime platter really surprised me. There was a wide variety of seafood on the platter, including crab, shrimp, scallops and lobster (obviously!). I was shocked by the vegetables, cause they tasted super amazing.. stir fried broccoli, mushrooms and potatoes. But the lobster was overcooked (a little tough), in my opinion.


I would definitely recommend this to others, just be prepared to not move around cause space is limited. And we had a great view of a street performer as we sat by a window and could see the street performer doing there thing on the other side of the street.

Click here to visit Coaster’s Seafood Grill’s website (you will be redirected to The Fish Market website).
Photos via iPhone 6 and Canon G12.


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