Extending Beyond My Comfort Zone

From what I can remember, my dad has always roasted prime rib the same way; salt, freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder. He has (many times) recommended my brother and I several recipes that he’s come across and asked us to use them next time.  Sadly next time never came, but I did go beyond the usual salt, pepper and garlic powder to set new boundaries in the kitchen.

This might not be new, but it was the first time I used mustard to marinate a piece of beef. I had a 2 rib prime roast. I followed the basic ingredients and cooking method in this chowhound  recipe; garlic, mustard and pepper.  It turned out perfectly and I made Michael Smith‘s chipotle chimichurri  sauce (similar). The sauce complements the beef really well. I was really impressed!

Photo 2016-04-30, 9 52 27 PM



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