Recipe Testing Part 1

Now that I’m finished school, I’m trying something in the kitchen that I’ve never done – recipe testing. It’s interesting and damn…takes more than one try! I’m trying to be a chemist, says my dad. And I totally agree!

I’m beginning with apple pie…probably made four apple pies within a month…that’s about one pie per week. I should have chosen something easier, but I’m making my way there…slowly!

And I’m finding it extremely difficult to take good pictures of my pies.

Pie 1. The first is always the best. Even though the apples were still crunchy, the crust was to my liking. There could have been more apples in the pie (looks really flat) and there was hardly any pie juice, but I was really impressed with this bake. I’m most proud of the basket weave (lattice), props to my cousin for creating such a weave, he couldn’t have done it without my instructions. Haha!  But a little less flour in the apple mixture next time.


Pie 2. I baked two pies this time. Change of apples, used a mix instead aka apples on sale (golden  delicious and red delicious). I made some changes, added more cinnamon and changed the top of the pies’ design. Still the pie was dry, no apple juice…not the slightest bit. Things I would change: smaller slits and holes, don’t be greedy and make two pies with one dough recipe. Pie 2’s lattice dough was too thin.

Photo 2016-04-17, 9 06 14 PM

Photo 2016-04-10, 7 56 25 PM

Pie 3. My latest pie. I used a mix of granny smith and golden delicious. This was a changer, as I cut out the flour when tossing the apples with the spices. Results? The bottom of the pie was pooling with apple juice!! The crust was missing a flavour, one that I can’t describe, so I added more salt this time, but there was no significant difference.

Photo 2016-04-17, 9 06 07 PM

Am I frustrated in making so many pies and still not finding the perfect pie recipe? Yes, because every time I make it, I feel rushed. And rushing to roll the dough makes me somehow forget to brush melted butter and top the pie with sugar before putting it in the oven. I don’t want to hate baking, because the kitchen is where I’m most comfortable.

This is definitely not an easy process!

Are there any hints or tips you would recommend? I’d love to know!

Photos are via my mom’s and Amy’s Samsung s4.


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