Yogoberri Cafe


I love meeting up with friends over comfort food. This time, we met at Yogoberri. I’ve been here before, but maybe six years ago? It’s a small comfortable and cozy cafe, that serves desserts (mainly waffles, frozen yogurt and shaved ice). Located on the second floor of a random building on Yonge Street, south of Cummer Ave, you sure won’t miss it.

There were too many desserts to choose from, so we picked two and shared both. We ordered a red bean shaved ice with vanilla froyo and half a Belgian waffle with green tea froyo. The shaved ice came with frozen fruits, red beans, corn flakes and a powder of something I can’t explain.  The waffle came with chopped fruits and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Both were delicious, as I had a craving for the two! But I found the froyo is too icy, for my taste, and did not have enough distinct flavour.


It’s a cute and quiet place if you’re looking for something that isn’t mainstream (I’m referring to busy Asian dessert places).  I met my friend on a Tuesday around 5pm. There were only three tables with customers, including us. The owner/ server is really nice and speaks English. He explained and helped us with our order. They also serve shaved milk and baked goodies!


Click here for their website (but they’re not active on social media).


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