Stuffed Butternut Squash

Photo 2015-12-31, 3 36 03 PM

Of the times that I’ve attempted to make something healthy, I’ve failed more than I have succeeded. Either being really lucky or just simply easy, this stuffed butternut squash fell within the two. And I’m amazed at how well this dish turned out to be (the presentation is perfect too). With garlic, mushrooms, leek, black rice and a squash, this is definitely a good side for a fall or wintery dinner. I wasn’t sure how the leek would turn out, as I’ve had it before (it can sometimes be too onion flavoury). I guess it was just in the wrong dish. This is surely going on my to-make-sides whenever I’m having trouble planning a meal (with too many meats and not enough vegetables).

Click here for the recipe via Tess Ward.



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