Home of Hot Taste (Korean Fried Chicken)

I’ ve never had (proper) Korean Fried Chicken (KFC). I don’t know why I didn’t have it when I was in Korea either… As a matter of fact, I’m not really a poultry person.  I went out to try KFC that my brother was raving about. We ordered a bit too much, but managed to finish 95% of everything.


I have had this Fish Cake Soup. It’s nothing special, just a light broth with different shapes and kinds of fish cake.


I would have never ordered this Roasted Rice Soup. I don’t know about you, but my family cooks rice in a pot. Sometimes, we purposely leave the rice to cook longer than normal, having the cooked rice at the bottom of the pot to burn and get crispy. It’s simliar to that but the rice is then soaked in water and served.


The Kimchi Rice is probably my favourite; spicy! It came with ‘real’ oysters. Too bad the plate it was served on wasn’t a hot plate. It turned cold real fast.


I’m not sure what flavour this is, but I think it’s called Mild Sweet & Sour. It was my least favourite. I didn’t find anything exceptional about it.


This is my favourite flavour: Soy Garlic. The first time I had it, the garlic was cooked, but this time, it was a bit raw. Nevertheless, it was still tasty. It doesn’t come with too much sauce (which I like). I love garlic anything!


You might think chicken with green onion is nothing special, but this is different. I think the green onions are marinated in a special sauce. The fried chicken doesn’t have any seasoning, just plain batter.

You might have noticed that our chicken dishes were bone in. But you can always get boneless. And if you like spicy, there’s a whole menu full of spicy flavours.
Click here to go to Home of Hot Taste’s website.

*The colour in the photos do not %100 represent the actual food served.


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