Boudin Bakery

I swear to the mother of all breads (is there such thing?) , I have never tasted anything (aka any bread) like sourdough bread from Boudin Bakery.


I personally haven’t been to the bakery. The loaf was a souvenir from my brother when he had a layover in San Francisco.


Even with the bread being a day old, it was really soft when I sliced into it to make toast. I’m not sure what it is, but the loaf remained soft (not like the grocery store ones that turn into a stone overnight) (I kept the bread in the paper bag and sealed it with a plastic bag). I could literally eat sourdough bread with a touch of butter for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Boudin Bakery is definitely on my to-eat places when I go to San Francisco. Read Sorted Food’s blog post about sourdough bread at Boudin here (and their sourdough Youtube video here).  Just writing about Boudin makes me want to jet off to San Fran right now!!



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