Duck Fest

Apologizes for leaving September almost entry-less. It’s mainly because I didn’t do anything related to food that was exciting enough to blog about.


*Warning: This entry is all 90%  duck related.

Going to King Cole’s Duck Fest was a last minute trip. My mom asked me if I wanted to go with her to this festival, celebrating everything duck (this event was open to the community, King Cole had opened a bigger store), the night before…while we were attending a wedding!

We arrived shortly after 12:30pm (the event started at 11am) and there was already more than 100 people (estimated) outside lining up for free food from various food stalls.


This was my highlight of the festival. The mini is so cute and the licence plate too!

We got our passports and were excited to try out all the different cuisines with the same ingredient; DUCK!


I think I forgot to snap a photo of the duck chili we got at the The Smokery Kitchen stall. The chili was delicious and a good balance with the duck.

We made our second stop at Black Angus, where we had duck sausage. Mom really liked the sausage. It was paired with pickled onions, my favourite!


What are you looking at mom?!


Our next stop was at Tatlows, where we had duck spring rolls. It was an interesting combination.


I’m always amazed at how some food stalls can produce the neatest presentation with limited sources. We had Korean smoked duck from Charm Ori. It was wrapped in a flour like tortilla, really similar to the one served with Peking duck.


I was not expecting this from Heirloom Food Truck. Mom had popcorn duck which was duck’s heart, served with a variety of  sauces. Really pleased with the presentation as well!



Our last stop was at King Cole, where we were served duck spiedini (duck on a skewer).


We decided to ditch the free food (mainly because there were too many people and the line up was long) and headed in the store. We were given samples of Fraktals (so good). Sadly I didn’t get any, but I will be when I come across it in the near future.


In the store, we had duck pizza! I never thought of putting duck on a pizza, it tasted good!


When we were about to leave, we came across this sign. And we had to just stay for a ride. It was short, but I learned a lot about ducks from the 10 minutes farm tour.


A big thanks to King Cole for opening this event to the community (we don’t even live in the neighbourhood) and everyone who was involved in making this possible!

*Note: This entry is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.


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