Cho Sun Ok

I’m the worst at deciding where to eat for celebrations. My mom, the birthday ‘girl’, couldn’t decide herself, so in the end we settled with a korean restaurant just north of Steeles Ave. and Yonge St.


We were told that our wait would be around 25 minutes, but we waited for 45 minutes (which was acceptable for a Friday night).  We got our table and found out that we couldn’t order alcohol (plus we didn’t know that there was such a thing; there are notable signs about the non-alcoholic tables around the restaurant but in Korean :( ].


As usual, there are appetizers; kimchi, pickled radishes, fish paste, cucumbers, etc. We were starving so we ordered seconds. We ordered more than we could eat (as always).

Tangsooyook; deep fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce. There’s pork if you don’t like chicken.


This is probably the best Korean noodles ever! Mool Naengmyun; chewy noodles in an icy broth (if your tounge is on fire, drink some broth, it’ll hands down cool you off!).


My favourite soup is Yook Gae Jang; spicy beef soup with clear noodles.


Bul Nak Jeongol; vegetables, squid and bulgogi stew. I would probably order  the Kimchil Jjim Jeon Gol next time, everything looks tasty!

I would definitely recommend this restaurant.  The restaurant gets really around dinner time (6pm-8:30pm), make sure you go early to get a table; don’t say I didn’t warn you! The cold noodles are a must try!

Visit the restaurant’s website here.


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