Okay^2 Diner

The restaurant that I had planned on going to with mom and dad wasn’t open and I wasn’t familiar with Leslieville.  So  rather than waiting for a streetcar, we walked about two blocks and reached Okay^2. I had read about it on Yelp but this didn’t make my to-go list. Dad was being anxious about lunch and we ended up eating here. Everything was just okay (hence the diner’s name).


I really felt like I was eating at those old school diners, with the red classic chairs at the bar.


There wasn’t anything in particular that I wanted on the menu (I couldn’t order half the menu because they were breakfast items with eggs). I settled with a homemade burger which turned out REALLY salty!



Dad had a steak sandwich and mom ordered egg bernadette (the eggs are supposedly poached, but they looked fried to me).  The staff were really friendly, but sadly I don’t think I’ll be going back to eat anytime soon.

Click here for Okay^2 website.


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