Circus Coffee House

Some say that hidden gems are found in the most unexpected places (I just made this up!). But I’m sure you’ll have to agree. And this is one of my hidden gems (introduced to me by a family friend).


She lives in the neighbourhood and almost goes here every week. The staff know her and I’ll say that she’s a frequent customer. Circus Coffee House is located right by Woodbine Station (I’d say a 3-minute walk or maybe less).


This tiny shop serves up coffee and drinks along with rice bowls (which M was telling me to try!).


I had a small bowl ($3.5) of brown rice with avocado and grilled tofu. Every bowl comes with a side of grated carrots and beets and whole tomatoes. It doesn’t seem like much but it’s plenty!


M had a medium bowl ($5) of brown rice with sides of baba ganoush and grilled tofu. I tried a bit of M’s baba ganoush and it was amazing! Everything was perfect (espcally the rice; chewy and just how I like it) and it’s definitely healthy and cheap!



The shop owner also owns Circus Books & Music (Pape and Danforth) so hence the cds and book display.


The kitchen is downstairs, in case you were wondering where the food is prepared.

Circus Coffee House is (to my knowledge) not really active on social media, but check out their Facebook page for details and shop location.


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