Saturday Lunch – Front Street Foods @ Union Station

I love exploring new street eats! And this was totally unplanned. B and I were around Union Station on Saturday and we didn’t know where to have lunch. Then at the back of my head (not literally), I remember reading about a food market at Union.


With about 20 different vendors, it was lovely seeing life in the area. We had bought a lot for lunch; crab fries were from Fresh Off The Boat ($10),  chips and guacamole ($4), limonade (bottle; $4) and veggie fajita were from Mad Mexican ($4.50 & 25 cents for guacamole, so good; Mexican is my favourite!). Doesn’t look like much, but it was surely filling!


Before we left, I got a Greenhouse Juice cold pressed juice  ($8, Beetroot; it’s a thing now) and this was strong! And B got chocolate custard at Jedd’s Frozen Custard (which was amazing).

Be sure to check Front Street Foods (onsite and details on the website) while it lasts; located right outside of  Union Station.


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