Piggy’s Restaurant


It’s really rare that my family eats out on a weekday. With busy schedules, we sometimes fall into this habit. And since we were in the Steeles and Yonge area, it felt right to eat at a new restaurant; Piggy’s Restaurant!  We ordered so much food that left me full for days (not literally though).


We decided to get some KBBQ (Korean barbeque), cold noodles, soup, pancakes and dumplings. And plus there were so many appetizers!


For the meet, we settled with So Yang Nyeom Gal Bi (Korean style marinated beef rib). It was pleasantly satisfying..maybe because I haven’t had Korean beef for a while.


Hoe Naeng Myeon (sweet potato vermicelli noodles in icy cold beef broth with sliced cucumber, marinated sashimi in spicy read chili sauce).


Mul Naeng Myeon (sweet potato vermicelli noodles in icy cold beef broth with pickled cucumber and boiled egg).

I wasn’t crazy with these two soup noodles, if your mouth/ tongue is on fire (figuratively speaking) the broth will definitely help sooth the problem!


Ori Tteok Galbi & Doen Jang Jjigae (grilled minced duck and stew made with soyabean paste and vegetables). I couldn’t taste the duck, but it was surely delicious!


Gae Seong Wang Man Du (Korean style steamed dumplings made with meat and vegetables). The first time I had man du was back in December/ January in Seoul. These dumplings were the size of my palm. I’ll definitely be ordering these next time I’m back!


As you can tell, our table was full of food, we almost ordered too much!  Highly recommending this restaurant (they even have a patio!).

*Note: all photos taken with iPhone 6.


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