Bean and Mushroom Patties

OMGz! It’s July already. Just two more months of massive uploading before I hit the books again! : ( Onward with my diet, I made bean and mushroom patties, using this Lentil, Olive +Mushroom Veggie Burger recipe as a base.



I would say that I followed 80% of the recipe, swapping lentils for pinto beans, ditching the olives and adding a tad more breadcrumbs. Since I didn’t use olives, I would have less patties (I think the original makes six); I made four.


*Note: when processing the ingredients together, mixture might look too moist. Do not add too much breadcrumb (as I did) because the oven will absorb the mixture’s moisture and it will be too dry! Sadly, I learned the hard way. : (


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