Banh Mi Boys – Tacos & Bao

I can’t believe I haven’t made an entry about Banh Mi Boys. I would say that this sandwich shop has been ever so popular since it opened up a few years back (I could be wrong). Even with a menu with two columns on a tv screen, separated by types of sandwiches (ie. steamed bao, taco and banh mi), it was hard for me to decide on something for lunch. After minutes of looking and finally giving up, I asked the cashier what are the popular items. “Kalbi beef,” he told me. The first time I was there, I remember having kalbi and kimchi fries.



So ordering lunch for one, I decided with kalbi beef taco (I LOVE tacos) and panko tofu bao. The soft taco wasn’t my favourite as I think they use corn tortillas (I prefer flour). Be prepared when eating the taco as the cabbage slaw in the taco has a lot of juices (from experience) And as for the tofu bao, there isn’t much flavour if you’re looking for a sandwich full of surprises. The pickled carrot and radish adds a hint of sweet and sour. I suggest to go up a notch from the spiciness level (mild=plain). You can adjust the spiciness level when your food is ready.  My goal is to try more items from their menu by the end of the summer. Hopefully I will still be in shape then. : )

Click here to go to the shop’s website.


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