Yuzu No Hana

My friend was having a post birthday celebration and the restaurant that we were originally supposed to go to had no running water, so they had to close early. Desperately searching for a last minute dinner location, she settled with Yuzu No Hana.


Located in the business district of Toronto, it’s hard not to categorize the restaurant’s class without even going inside. As my predictions were correct, we walked into a fancy candle lit restaurant and were seated in the empty side of the restaurant. Is it just me or maybe I’m being to paranoid, I feel as if the waiters/ waitresses do not treat me and whoever I’m with (whether it be friends, familys, a party of people) equally (compared to the other guests). For years and years I have noticed this, since high school.

Getting on with dinner, we (my friends and I totaled to a table of 8) all ordered different items. My friends know that I have this blog and offered to snap some photos for this entry, but if they did, I don’t know how long it would be.


I have a (very) weak stomache as it reacts to the slightest rawness of meats. So to be on the safe side, I decided to Gindara (broiled black cod with sweet miso glaze). This main may not look like much, but it came with miso soup and a bowl of rice. I really liked the citrus-y sweet glaze (left bottom corner).

Would I revisit? It depends…I haven’t done much research on the restaurant or read/ heard any outstanding reviews. So probably not, the service was nice but personally not my type of place.

Click here to view the restaurant’s menu.


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