Day 13 (Part 1) – Seoul (Part 10)

I think this is one of my favourite restaurants/ places in Seoul. I’m really glad that Carmen let me choose where we could have brunch/ lunch. And the reviews surely did not disappoint.

IMG_6937The menu was double sided, if I remember correctly, and it was so hard for me to choose a dish to order. I wanted waffles, pasta and basically one of everything on the menu.



Inside was really big and filled with green plants that made it cozy and warm. The interior reminded me of a garage, at least if sitting by the windows. It was a bit cooler sitting next to the windows.




Carmen ordered a plate of pancakes and sausages that came with a latte.



I settled with seafood pasta. I didn’t realize that my pasta came with a drink or I would have changed my coffee to something else.



(This is so tumblr ready!)


Don’t forget to check what I did in Seoul while I was there and click here to visit my cousin’s blog.


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