Day 11- Seoul (Part 8)

This was my second last full day in the city before I had to go home. On the weekend, Carmen and I jam packed our schedule, fitting as much as we could into the the no so many last days I had left.

We went to a bookstore and was tired, so we decided to have a treat before dinner.


I haven’t had Baskin Robbins in so long. But it was good to have a treat (not like I wasn’t eating till I was completely full every night). It was also a mistake to have ice cream before dinner, because we both underestimated how big our dinner portions were.

Carmen found a popular must-go-to-have yukaejang (soup) that was located in Cheonggyecheon area. We decided to have an early dinner. The restaurant was somewhat hard to locate, as it was hidden in an alley with garage and lighting shops around. We were the only customers when we walked in, and we kind of (only slightly) got asked 21 questions (about us and where we come from).







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