Restaurant La Cerisaie

I’ve been waiting too long for this post. Apologizes for the longest wait. But finally it’s up.  On our last day in France, we decided to go to a local (real) French restaurant. It was within the neighbourhood we were staying at, with a few blocks to walk. La Cerisaie (according to google translate, it means the cherry orchard). We made reservations and thankfully we did.


The restaurant was small, having only 15-tables for two. We were the first to arrive for the dinner service (I’m not sure if the restaurant serves lunch, the husband is the chef and the wife manages the front).



The menu was limited, which is understandable since the whole restaurant is only managed by a couple. But we were nicely served as we had the menu translated for us. My brother has dietary restrictions and they were happy to accommodate him with that.

For the appetizer, I ordered escargots in a tomato sauce. It was very light and flavourful.


My brother and dad had a fish and crab soup.


My mom ordered sea bream (fish) mousse with truffles.


For the main course, I ordered stewed lamb with roast peppers stuffed with mash potatoes. The mash potatoes with roast peppers tasted amazing and no words could describe how delicate and tasty it was.


Dad had goose breast with plum.


My mom and brother had the same main; white bean cassoulet with duck leg, pork and sausage.


We shared some sides; truffle vegetables.


I passed on dessert because I was very full from dinner, but the rest my family didn’t bother to skip this course; three flavour sorbet, raspberry and rhubarb crumble, chocolate tart with coffee ice cream and canelé (this was on the house) (pictures as follow).





The service and restaurant atmosphere was lovely and quite cozy. There was another party and I over heard that they were visiting from America. So this restaurant must have made it’s way to popularity somehow. This meal was my mom’s and brother’s favourite (from what we’ve had while in Paris). I enjoyed my main course (VERY much).

The menu changes throughout the year, so there’s always something new to look forward to every time you go. I think I’d eat here again, but it’ll be a while till my next stay in Paris. : )



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