Pizza Sicilia

I love it when everyone gets tired and hungry. We all are frustrated with my dad aimlessly walking around to find a restaurant or cafe that suits his tastebuds. Too add, it was pouring rain, so image that… We popped in this Italian restaurant. It was dark and narrow, I could hardly move once inside.


Okay. But it’s Europe right? I didn’t expect every place that I walked into be to grand and luxurious. The restaurant itself was cozy and the waitress/ waiter were really polite. They say that the best foods are found in unexpected places. So we ordered three dishes for four; pasta and pizza. The pesto was quite dry for my taste, but mom helped me in finishing it.



This is a good place for lunch or dinner if you’re around the Louvre. I’m not sure where exactlly it’s located as we walked through short cuts and kind of got lost. Click here for the directions and maps on Yelp.


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