Homemade Granola- Haste’s Kitchen

I found Haste’s Kitchen on Youtube a while back. I’m been watching his videos, whenever I have time. I like his quick, simple and quite healthy recipes. His granola recipe is really simple and with my currently schedule, I’ve made it it three times in three weeks. I usually make a batch and that can give me breakfast on school days (since I have a early start). I bring a single cup of yogurt with a small box of granola and that’s my breakfast. It surely isn’t enough but it’s enough to stop my stomache from grumbling.



I think I left the granola in the oven for too long. It kinda burnt, but other than that, really easy, ready in about 30 minutes and lasts a long time in a tightly sealed container.


I added whatever nuts I could find in the kitchen cupboard. I know this will be a staple in my diet for a very long time. : )




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