Sweet & Savory Scones


This summer, I went to my first high tea (click here and here to read). It was fancy and then I was kinda obsessed with English food after vacationing in London. I researched for an easy scone recipe. I asked my dad to buy bacon. I got my bake on a week later. Simple ingredients again; flour, eggs, butter, salt, baking power, sugar, milk, cream.. well apart from the bacon (there are other ingredients that the recipe called for, but I was only interested in bacon).


I baked the bacon till it was crispy and patted it with paper towel to soak up the fat that was oozing out. I combined all my ingredients and rolled it into a flat rectangular shape. With my bacon chopped up, I sprinkled it on the dough.



I rolled the dough up with the bacon and sliced 1-inch thick rolls. Sprinkled a bit of black sesame, the recipe calls for white sesame but I just used whatever I had at home. They kinda look like ham-tortilla rolls.


After a good 20-minutes of baking at 375°F, I had to wait until the scones cooled. Some were weird shaped, that’s because the ends were uneven.


Nevertheless, I ate three scones in two hours. I was happily satisfied with my baking and this easy-peasy recipe. I would definitely recommend this to new and old bakers, or to someone that just wants to try something out of their comfort zone. This was my first time making scones and I’ve enjoyed baking these bad boys.


Click here to get the full recipe and details.


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