Baked Churros


I found this churro recipe on Anthropologie’s tumblr one day and decided it was what I was looking for. Most churro recipes that I’ve come across requires deep frying, but not this one. I’ve been wanting to make churros for a long time. And about two/three-ish weeks ago, I finally made time. Sometimes, late night baking is the best thing to do I’m home on a Friday night. The recipe and ingredients are really simple and doesn’t require you to go to the shops and look for special ingredients (unless you don’t have the basic baking necessities; flour, butter, sugar, eggs, milk). Cooking the mixture (yes, cooking) on the stove was like mixing flour and water; until it formed a thick dough. It wasn’t too pleasing to look at, nevermind taking a photo. So, I’ll just skip that and get to the the good stuff!

Once the filling was kinda cooled down, I popped it into a pipping bag and got squeezing. If you are planning to make these churros alone, try splitting the recipe in half. It’s a lot of work of a one (wo)man team. I found myself standing in the kitchen, just pipping out the dough for most of the time. I think this recipe makes about 50-ish small circle churros. Mom, clearly didn’t follow my lead. It looks neater of you make spirals, carefully not leaving any gaps in between (first picture below).




Once baked to golden brown, take the churros out. I transfered them to a plate sheeted with paper towels (some people call them kitchen roll) because the butter just oozes out when baking. I dipped the tops in cinnamon-sugar and let them cool on a baking rack.


Recommendations: this churro recipe is good for small parties. Bake them on the same day, as I found out that they weren’t cripsy (as they would be if freshly baked). I also tried reheating them the next day, but the texture isn’t there. It’s like eating a cold piece of dough, I could actually taste the cold fat (ie. the butter).


2 thoughts on “Baked Churros

  1. oooh! This looks delicious- I’ve been on a bit of a churro craze recently so it’s nice to know that there’s a baked alternative out there :)

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