Strand– Tandori Restaurant

Last night in London. We asked the guy at the front desk from our hotel for nearby Indian restaurants. I don’t think that he understood what we meant. We walked to Mint Leaf and it absolutely was not what we were expecting. It was more of a let’s go to a pub/ restaurant with co-workers/ friends after a long day of work kind of place. It was dark and gave a pub-ish feel. We sat down t the bar, where we waited for our table. While sitting for a few minutes, I decided that it wasn’t how I wanted to spend my last dinner in London. I knew everyone else was uncomfortable, so I suggested we leave.

Ahh. Apparently my dad and brother wanted to try Strand, but decided not to say anything because the restaurant looked sketchy. We sat down in the small restaurant and felt much more comfortable.

I don’t remember what we all ordered so here photos from our dinner.








All I know is that the vindaloo was equally as spicy as the one I’ve had in Toronto. It was really good. Spicy and I had to order more rice.

I think I would go back, if I ever vacation in London again. Maybe I’ll order something less hot.


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