Borough Market

I love food markets! The people and different cultures; coming together because of FOOD! There was a lot going on for lunch on a sunny Wednesday in late August. Pack with food booths and restaurants, the market was full of wonderful scents. I wish we had wondered around the market more…to this day I ask myself why. I still don’t have an answer.


I had done my homework, searching up places to eat around Tower Bridge (because we went to Tower Bridge that morning and Borough Market was a close and within walkable distance). Borough Market was one of the top ten (I believe) places and things to must-do on of the sites I was on, when creating my London Eats list.

I was definitely overwhelmed by the number food stalls. I passed by some cute booths that sold bread, chocolate, honey. There was a wide variety of people there; business people dressed in ironed clothing grabbing a quick bite before heading into the office buildings, many tourists from all around the world, locals that knew the ins and out of the market.

Mom and I lined up for a shrimp and chicken wrap (look below). Don’t expect a 1-minute line; almost every booth that sold food had five or more people lining up. That’s a good thing though! The cooks at their booths took their time, in preparing and cooking the order’s request.





I don’t know what we had for lunch, but it was delicious! It might look like a pile of saucy mess, but don’t ‘judge a book by its cover‘.





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