Caffe Concerto

The day we went to Harrods, we took a lunch break and went to Caffe Concerto across the street. We all were pretty tried, even though it was only 12:30pm-ish; our day had barely started.


This cafe chain is all around London, or at least I saw many Caffe Concertos when I was strolling along the London streets. My parents always were attracted to the cakes and pastries they have by the window.


As you might have already guessed, we were all starving. Lunch, when we were in London, was our first full main meal of the day. We usually got up around 10am and would be at our destination by 11am. We had a table full of food that included lamb shank, chicken caesar salad, smoked salmon with chips, grilled pesto with chips and a side order of soup.


We almost didn’t have enough room on our table to squeeze all the dishes together. And yes, my eyes were larger than my stomache. I could barely finish my soup and salad. I wasn’t expecting the dishes to be that big, especially not the soup.

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H A P P Y R E A D I N G ! : )


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