Nandos- Bay& College

My love for Nandos will probably stay the same after my last visit.

I met D for dinner, cause we haven’t seen each other since January. : ( But I’m so glad we made time to chat and eat. Not only did I hear the latest gossip from him, but I have developed a new love for this Nandos location.

I just love the decor. It’s so full of colour and vibrant.

The menu is about the same as the other location I’ve been to.



I had a quarter chicken with breast and large sides of peri peri fries. TRUST me they are amazing! And a side order of salad because I’m trying to have my daily vegetables. I was surprised on how moist the chicken breast was. Even D wished he had ordered chicken breast.


Thing is, Nandos isn’t expensive (in my opinion) at all. For this meal, I ate and was full for under $20. But I gave some tip before I left. So it came to about $22~

The restaurant is fairly big, considering it’s located at the heart of Toronto. There was so many other cool things about the restaurant that I wanted to snap. Unlimited free refills of soda (there’s a pop machine that dispenses your choice of drink). Beside that, there’s a mini sink for hand washing, a shelf of sauces and utensils.

I will definitely bring M to eat here, before she heads back for school.

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