Lunch With C

Just one week ago, C and I went out for lunch. It’s a rare thing for only us two cousins to go out. I’m so glad that we finally got to do this, as we’ve been talking about going out to do something like this since May (and it’s now July). I really enjoyed my time with her.

C, if you’re reading, we should definitely do this again!!

Just deciding where to have lunch took us forever. On the day of, we agreed to go to our usual go-to-place; Shops on Donmills. It was a lovely day for lunch on the patio. We had lunch at Glow, since neither of us ate there before and we just wanted to sit and talk for hours (which we did).

We ordered three dishes, having one each and sharing a starter.


This bread and three spreads was given to us by the kitchen. I really liked the humus, and I don’t usually like humus. The beet spread was different for me, but there was something special about it. From the three, I disliked the squash spread, but C seemed to like it.


We shared this grilled calamari. It was warm, which I liked with a bunch of spring colours (tomatoes and greens) to make it look appetizing.


C had a chicken club sandwich with a side of caesar salad. I forgot to ask her how it tasted and if she liked it. Ooops!


I had kale caesar salad with shrimp. This photo makes the salad look small, but trust me, I was full after finishing the salad.

If I were to go to Glow again, I think I would go for dinner; they have tapas dishes or try their shrimp linguine. And our waiter was really nice. : )

I hoped you enjoyed reading my experience at Glow. If you’re a patio person, this is a possible place to go to. But beware of the flying white foam-like bits that fly around the patio area.

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