Herb Garden

My blog posts have been scheduled more frequently during the Summer months and that means, I will have written this post two weeks before each post goes live (average).


Herbs, in my opinion, is an important process within the kitchen. Whether its dry or fresh, it doesn’t hurt to grow a few fresh herbs in the garden. You can easily get a herb plant from the nursery for less than $5, that’s almost equivalent to three herb boxes from the local grocery store.  Pasta sauce with fresh herbs (basil, thyme, etc.) can make a big difference, rosemary with lamb, etc.

If you don’t have the time and or don’t want to bother with the hassle, try growing green onions. It grows yearly once planted outdoors. Save the root of the green onion aka the white stem part and plant it as if it were a seed outdoors. I find that it grows best outdoors as compared to indoors. Wait a couple of days, and you’ll see the root start to turn into a small green onion.

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