Summer’s Roast Continued

Last blog post, I wrote about roast chicken and Summer ingredients. This blog post will be somewhat similar because I used the same techniques.

Cooking a meal or in my case, dinner, doesn’t have to be fancy. And let’s be honest, on a weekday when everyone’s at work, most people don’t even want to think about what to cook/ eat because of the stress and or workload they’ve had that day. Probably, no one will find a recipe and follow every exact and precise ingredient and or measurements. I’ve found that trial and error works best when deciding what to have for dinner.

My parents tend to stock up the freezer with meats and poultries. And I’ve been trying to clean it out. I decided the night before to have the chicken defrosting in the fridge. The next day, I wasn’t going through recipe books or searching online for chicken recipes, but looking in the fridge and pantry of what ingredients would taste good with chicken.


I had nine chicken thighs to play around with. I split the chicken in 4 and 5, so I could make marinate the chicken using different ingredients. With my thinking cap on, I was quite random at first. I reused my lemon-salt and pepper recipe because I know that my family likes it and it’s easy to make. I was skeptical about using thyme as a main element in the next marinade. Since my brother had bought a mini thyme plant, I cut some branches, took the leaves off and mixed it with the remaining chicken. Thinking I was done, I put the two chicken with marinades in the fridge. I glanced in the fridge and I was looking at orange juice. It hit me that I could use orange juice with the chicken-thyme. I poured a bit of juice as well with adding a a hint of orange zest before packing it away in the fridge. Then I found fresh parlsey in the fridge and cut some up to add to the lemon chicken.

To cook, I just threw them on the grill, until cooked.

To recap—
1. My lemon-salt and pepper recipe can be found here.
2. Marinate chicken using thyme (fresh or dried), orange juice (fresh or bottled) and orange zest. There are no measurements.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

E N J O Y ! : )

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