Cinnamon Roll (Dippers)– recipe

If you have Pinterest or have been on Pinterest, you would/ could agree that it can get addicting. By that, I mean discovering endless pages and pages of THINGS! And I came across these Creme de la Crumb’s Cinnamon Roll Dippers.


Firstly, I mixed flour, sugar and salt together.


Then added the room temperature butter. And mixed with water till it could combine to form a dough.


After chilling in the fridge, I rolled the dough flat with a sprinkle of flour (incase it stuck to the wooden board).


I melted butter in a small bowl. In another bowl, I mixed sugar and cinnamon.


Cut the dough into strips and butter the tops then sprinkle with sugar-cinnamon mixture.



I baked them for about 12-14 minutes. It really depends on the type of oven you use. After baking, I placed the sticks onto a cooling rack.

To be honest, they look like fries with brown stuff on them.

For full details on how to make these cinnamon roll dippers, click here.

P.S. My finished product doesn’t look anything like the sample picture from the website. I’m not sure what I did wrong, I made the dough two days in advance. But the dough makes a great tart shell. I would definietly recommend this dough recipe to anyone that cannot use egg when making tart shells (egg allergies).
P.P.S. The original recipe includes a glaze dip. I complete ignored this because I wanted to master the rolls first (which I failed!).

ENJOY! : )


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