A Yearly Visit

I’m sorry if the title of this post threw you off just a tad bit. But I didn’t know what else to title it.

Every year, my family along with my relatives will go to visit the older Wong generation at the cemetery. Before you ask..I know what you’re thinking…what does this have anything to do with food?! Well, a few years back after my grandma passed away, the younger (two) generations (my dad’s and mine) thought of having a proper lunch when at the cemetery. When my grandma was still around, she would aways buy Chinese buns, BBQ pork and steamed chicken before going. I’m not sure if any other cultures do the same, but where my family comes from, we usually bring food when we visit. I guess you can say that we’re feeding them all the good stuff (that we bring); BBQ pork, chicken and buns.

This is the second (I think) year that we have ordered a whole barbeque big, whole chickens and some fried noodles.




You can probably tell that we take everything seriously. We bring a foldable table, cutting boards, serving plates, a sharp knife to cut the meats and even gloves to chop the meat, it’s easier to clean up as there isn’t much water around.


Here’s a photo of the food; fried noodles, chicken and pork. Obviously, we didn’t finish everything. When everyone’s done eating, we split the leftovers.

P.S. Here’s the annual cousin’s photo. And since we set up a table for the food, we bring lawn chairs so we each have a seat for when eating.


I hoped you enjoyed reading! : )


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