Tassimo’s Hot Chocolate

I’m not too sure how I feel about using these ‘single cup’ machine coffee/ drink things. 1. I don’t like to waste… By waste, I mean, the packaging, the individual cups..not everything can be recycled (to my knowledge). But I was given a bag of Tassimo’s Hot Chocolate, so I gave it a try.


The packaging looks lovely. I don’t think I ever had Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate before.Even if I did, I sure wasn’t aware.


I found these two boxes once I opened the package. One holds the chocolate and the other has the milk. The thing I don’t get, the chocolate and the milk is both liquid, so basically the machine reads the barcode and adds hot water to the chocolate and milk, so you end up with a hot drink.



Thoughts? Honestly, I don’t recommend this product, as I really think it’s pointless. I rather buy a container of powdered chocolate and mix that for instant hot chocolate. And I’m not even comparing the prices of the different forms of hot chocolate. I understand the individual dried coffee ideas, but why hot chocolate. Just to add to my list of things I will never understand…


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