Hasselback potatoes

I have to admit that I watch A LOT of Youtube videos. And I came across this fine recipe that will have people asking you how you made it when you serve it to your guests.


Just a handful of ingredients (potatoes, oil, butter) and you’re basically set, with an oven of course. I can’t believe that I didn’t come across this recipe before. It’s like I’ve been hiding under a rock before I tried and tested this recipe. And although it’s just baked potatoes, it’s a whole other world when the potatoes are finished baking. The slices that you’ve made in the potatoes will expand and fan out.


The sliced potatoes give that extra wow factor when presenting them to your guest. I’m really pleased with my first try. Hopefully, I won’t just have the beginners luck and every time I make these potatoes, it will turn out like the first or even better!

P.S. I added salt and pepper to taste. I think that adding some herbs or spices would kick the flavour up a notch, if you’re feeling it. : )

Click here to view the full Hasselback Potatoes recipe.
Click here for the Youtube tutorial (Hasselback Potatoes recipe starts at 1:37).
*The recipe used above does not belong to me and has been used for experimental purposes.


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