Dough to Bread Buns

I was searching for side dishes to make for my family’s upcoming dinner. And I stumbled upon Martha Steward’s Salt and Pepper Rolls. But there were less than five ingredients on the list. And one of them was pizza dough. And in recent months, I figured that making pizza dough is really simple, besides saving a few bucks here and there. And I supposed more healthy too? So I looked for a dough recipe on Martha Steward’s website and found one that works (or so I think).

And surprisingly, I followed all the steps!


The basics: flour, yeast and salt.


After mixing with water, the dough needed to sit for a hour in a warm environment.


Fold, stretch, fold stretch. Coat the dough with oil and let it sit in the fridge.


You should know when you’re serving dinner or whatever you plan to make the buns. Take the dough from the fridge, roll into balls and place in oiled baking container. Let the dough come to room temperature and rise before baking at 350°F for 30-35 minutes. Don’t forget to salt and pepper them for taste.


Don’t they look so cute? Plus the baking mould too!

The full pizza dough recipe can be found  by clicking here.
*None of these recipe belong to me and they have used for recreational purposes.


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