Japanese vs Korean

In my opinion, I think Japanese and Korean cultures are very similar. Not only with the manners, celebrations but also in the food that both cultures have to offer.

I recently stopped by J-Town which has an authentic Japanese grocery store, Heisei Mart (I recommend visiting the bakery too because they have the best bread on the planet), to pick up some groceries


I love grocery shopping by myself, getting lost in the store but finding something new every time. At Heisei, there’s always something on sale, the store even has a table solely for on sale items. I love finding new snacks, like the one above, I just had a pack today. If you’re familiar with Lotte, the company makes a whole range and variety of snacks. I’ve been eating similar snacks like this when I was wee little.


Ain’t that the cutest banana bread? I saw this at the bakery and had to get it. It was so light and fluffy, I could eat it for days. I need to know what makes them THAT delicious!


Onigiri is something recently new and has been popular amongst my high school friends. It’s basically rice and seaweed wrapped together and fillings such as salmon, plum, tuna. The neat thing is that there’s a plastic between the rice and seaweed, so that seaweed is kept fresh from the rice.


My main purpose of going to J Town was to get some kimchi. It’s basically fermented cabbage. It’s sweet, sour and spicy all in one go. My family and I had a Korean dinner that night, and when we do, we usually have kimchi on the table, as a side dish to compliment the other foods.


P.S. Wait for part 2, coming soon. It’s about the Korean dinner I had that night!. : )


One thought on “Japanese vs Korean

  1. I’m exploring Japanese and Korean food and find there are lots of similarities but also big differences. I noticed that Korean food is often spicier and more use of sesame (oil).

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