Spaghetti to Tradition


My dad told me that the first time he had this kind of spaghetti was when he visited my aunt in Sarinia. I guess it’s a family tradition, this dish. I quite crave it at times because my dad only cooks it when the weather is nice outside. My family has a heavy duty stove burner, just like the ones at restaurants. So whenever it’s a nice day through spring to fall, we have stir fry dinners.

I’d never, in the course of discovering this dish, would I ever think that I would be someday writing about how DELICIOUS this is. And to some, it may not look appealing..but let’s just talk taste for the rest of this blog post. It’s not fancy dish and it’s quick if you get the hang of it.

The ingredients: cooked spaghetti (fusilli works as well), flank steak (seasoned and marinated with soy sauce, sugar, wine, salt, sesame oil and cracked black pepper), chopped celery and oyster sauce.



Cook the pasta just like you would when boiling pasta to eat with tomato or cream sauce.




While the water is boiling for the pasta, cute the steak into thin sliced and marinate.




Cut the celery into even pieces, any shape preferred (my mom cuts the celery into long thin slices).

When the pasta is done, remove from heat and strain.This is the tricky part. You will need a strong burner as the flavour of this dish comes from stir frying. With a hot wok or a non stick pan (works best if oiling a wok isn’t your first choice) and oil, stir fry the steak first till semi cooked. Then remove from heat. Stir fry the celery but not all the way through. Remove from heat. Stir fry the pasta, this can be hard when the pasta has been removed from water and can be sticky. When the pasta is heated with oil in the pan, throw the steak and celery in and cook for 2-4 minutes. Add the oyster sauce to preferred taste.





Add with ever condiments you like. I tend to go with chilli oil as I like spicy. And I’ve been eating this ever since I was little, and still am a fan..Enjoy! : )


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