Food and Sarnia


Whenever my family visits my relatives in Sarnia, we always bring tons of Chinese food in, cause there’s hardly any good Chinese restaurants or Chinese food in general (on the table: roasted goose, duck, veggies, fried tofu, steamed fish).


Things are bigger and ‘badder’ in Sarnia. No more soaking vegetables in a bucket, rather than plugging the sink. PSSH! And everything gets soaked together, never mind sorting the veggies and soaking them individually.





My aunt randomly decided to make us cheesecake. Every time we visit her, she would bake us two apple pies and a cream pie. We’re just big fans of pies, my family. And after an hour of baking and whipping cream, her cheese cake was complete. She follows no recipe but still manages to successfully fill our bellies to their maximum capacities.


After dinner, there are always plenty of fruits and more food on the table, even if the fruits aren’t in season.


The finished product: cheese cake with whipped cream and black berries.


This WAS Sunday’s lunch, before we headed home. It kind of reminds me of the English, where they would have Sunday roast. It is roast, turkey roast, but for lunch. Fried potatoes (my aunt always make the best), roasted turkey, stuffing, brussel sprouts, mushroom gravy. Even for lunch, the table is filled with so many dishes (although there were 9 adults and a 2 year old  to feed).

So when ever we head into Sarnia, it’s all about family and food. : )
Catch my post on Sarnia in February  where I blogged about Sarnia’s amazing view and nature.


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