Tsaa Tea Shop

A little treat for M and I…we decided to try a new place this afternoon. Tsaa Tea Shop near Chestnut Station. We met around 2pm-ish as we both were pre-occupied with school things. It wasn’t busy when we walked in, there were students and random couples having their snack and teas.



I love the presentation of the tea. A simple platter with a small white pot and a cup with texture. It’s also really cute.


We didn’t know what tea we wanted, as there were so many to choose from. So we asked the person behind the counter what he could recommend, as non tea drinkers. He ended up having a pot of coconut oolong and some regular light green tea. Each tea pot order comes with a mini timer, so you know how long your tea needs to steep for. Smart!



We also didn’t have lunch, as we both were busy, so M ordered the smoke salmon with toast while I had an avocado bruschetta on bagel. I was quite disappointed with the wait of the food. We walked in and placed our order around 2. We waited around 30 plus minutes for our food. And there’s more to the story. There was a couple that placed an order after us and got their food first. Annoyed is what I am. When I was served, I didn’t even get an apology for the wait of my food. But the kitchen lady, I’m guessing she’s the chef that prepared my food apologized for the wait.


More treats and a countertop of cookies..looking so delicious.


One of the menus. And I think the man in the picture is the owner. He seemed to be running around, picking up dishes and doing groceries during the day for the tea shop.

Tsaa Tea Shop Twitter


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