Dim Sum

As a Sunday is family day, the usual plan include going out for breakfast, lunch or to eat of some sort. Today, we went to Ym Cha (drink tea, in Chinese) at Shangri-La.


Many restaurants are trying to spice things up a bit and be all fancy, I really miss the simple little white tea cup, white plate and chopsticks, whatever happened to those days.


Steamed shrimp dumplings.


Steamed pork dumpling (according to wikipedia)

IMG_4529Steamed dumplings with mince pork, peanuts and white radish.


Steamed radish cake (lo bak go)


Steamed chicken wings.



Some sort of tendon.


Duck and taro with  bean sauce.


Steamed rice rolls (crunchy with shrimp, I believe).


Dessert: lobster pastry.


Wontons in a spicy soup base.

Whatever happened to normal ‘dim sum’ food? I didn’t even eat half of these. But it’s always good knowing what restaurants are out there. You could never try enough.

Shangri-La Banquet Hall

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