Jack’s Stack

On Wednesday, I went to Cora (I like to call it Cora’s) for brunch with a university friend. Seeing that I haven’t been there in a while, I looked at the menu long and hard. I had originally wanted to order waffles, which I LOVE, but decided that ‘Jack’s Stack’ looked interestingly tasty, since I don’t care for cinnamon. When my order came, I was sad with the amount of cinnamon rolls on my plate (compared to the price I paid). I think that I only counted 6, but honestly, they were probably the BEST cinnamon rolls I have EVER tasted. It came with bananas and sliced strawberries and some custard.


My apologies if the above picture doesn’t look appealing. I assure you, that looks ARE DECEIVING!

I love how the restaurant has part of the menu on the wall with colour letters. It gives off a vibrant and inviting feel. Cora ‘s is known to caters to young children as most families who go there will have young enough children, hence the table setting.


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