Chatime (Yonge and Finch)

It’s the NEWEST bubble tea joint out there. And it’s been ragging within the Asian community. And I so happen to stop by one after dinner. J and I decided to sit down and have a drink, since we only see each other 4 times a year, at most.
J ordered some honey oolong tea and being a sucker that can’t drink tea at night (cause I end up being wide awake when I go to bed), there wasn’t much to choose from, so I stuck with a mango slush. What could ever go wrong!? I have been to the Dundas West location and I must say, their bubble tea is different compared to the ‘regular PMall ones.’ I find that the flavour tends to be more natural and therefore is tastier. I was sadly disappointed in my order as the mango flavour was ‘unreal.’ But I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from that. The thing that I love best about Chatime’s style is that they have an individual sticker for each order. So the chances of getting any order wrong is to a minimum.

I really like this location’s style. It’s warm and inviting with all the ceiling decor.
IMG_4495I’m guessing that these cities are home to all the Chatime locations. And wouldn’t mind having city names on one of my room walls or my future house. Thanks for the great idea, Chatime!

Chatime’s Website


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