Mid Autumn Festival

Belonging to a Chinese family that’s somewhat true to it’s origins, my mom created a semi feast to celebrate this year’s Mid Autumn Festival. Along with the weeks’ preparation (I may be exaggerating a bit) with preparing food, comes the little seasonal treats.

I grew up with having boxes of moon cakes around this time of year and as the years passed I guess I grew up not eating as much as I would before.




My mom and Dennis really prefer this brand of moon cakes (blue tin box). I think it’s from Hong Kong and they like it so much because my mom grew up eating this brand of moon cakes in her younger years.



They usually come in a box or container of four. Each is individually packaged to keep it’s freshness. There are a wide variety of moon cakes, flavours and types (ie. number of egg yolks, frozen, sesame flavour). The typical moon cakes that my family would have around the house are the ones shown in this blog post. The following picture has a single egg yolk with white lotus seed paste.

DSC_3944 DSC_3946

Moon cakes are like a type of art. The way that they are designed appeals to whoever eats it. The moon cake above has a flower like pattern.

DSC_3948 DSC_3949 DSC_3950

When I was taking pictures of the moon cakes, my mom brought home the this fancy box(from above three photos). I love the presentation of the box with the individual red paper boxes. The last picture is another type of art, that has several chinese words.

Moon cakes can be bought anywhere, and by anywhere, I mean they are popular within the community I live in. You can find them not only at any possible grocery store there is, but some restaurants also make there own and or sell some other known brand.

I know that I’m a bit late posting this, as Mid Autumn festival was last Thursday, September 19, 2013.


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