Grand Electric

Grand Electric. I first heard about it in the Toronto Star about a year ago and since then, have wanted to go. Today was THE DAY! M and I had made lunch plans to go and when we arrived there, it was quite busy already. IMG_3506 IMG_3511 IMG_3512 IMG_3513 IMG_3507 IMG_3508

Lunch menu.


Our tacos. From 12 o’clock going clockwise: Scrapple, Crispy Cauliflower, Baja Fish and Spicy Chicken. $3.60 each


El Gordito Fantastico*: fried pork skin, pickled cabbage with eggs and pork in a taco-like pancake. $8

For a small place, the restaurant had about, I think 3 tables for 4, a bar that sits around 10 and a bench table that seats a maximum of 6 (from the first photo). The waitresses weren’t patient with us as they kept coming back to our table every 5 minutes.  We were seated near the kitchen, which I disliked, as that put us in a poor position to view the rest of the restaurant (even though, as I stated earlier that the restaurant is small in size).

I have been told by many people that this is the place to go. Many reviews give this a high rating. I wasn’t pleasantly surprised about any of the food or the restaurant’s atmosphere.  I think it’s overrated (in my opinion).

Grand Electric website

Grand Electric in Toronto Star


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