From The Farm..

This past long weekend, my family and I got the chance to get away from the busy city that we live in and go somewhere to relax. And with a phone call away, we were on our way to (the land of) Sarnia. Sarnia is a (town, when I was young) city that’s roughly a three hour drive from Toronto.

I used to make many trips there when I was young with my cousins and Dennis. So many childhood memories were made there. We still have family residing there and with my cousin that recently bought a house with a beach as her backyard, I definitely had to go spend at least a night with them.

As you might or not know, there isn’t much to do in Sarnia. Everything is ‘far’, if you don’t have a form of transportation, you’re basically ‘screwed.’ My aunt, that lives in Sarnia, took us to a farm on Sunday. It was the perfect day to go pick vegetables that included wax beans, eggplants and green beans.

IMG_3492 IMG_3494


A cute sign for pea picking.


My dad hard at work. I think he was picking green beans.


My mom picking green beans.


Me! I was picking the beans and we used a plastic bag to hold the beans in.


The family on the farm.


Wax or yellow beans.


It’s an eggplant!


A zucchini!


My aunt and my mom with a freshly picked eggplant.

A city getaway…


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